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This is what America's eco city of the future looks like

This is what America’s eco city of the future looks like Georgetown mayor Dale Ross is ‘a good little Republican’ – but ever since his city weaned itself off fossil fuels, he has become a hero to environmentalists by Tom Dart in Georgetown, Texas – The Guardian When the caller said he worked for Harry Reid and the former Senate majority leader wanted a word, Dale Ross assumed it was a joke. “OK, which of my buddies are messing with me today?” he wondered. He shouldn’t have been so surprised. Ross is the mayor of Georgetown, population 65,000, and he has become a minor celebrity in environmental circles as a result of a pioneering decision in 2015 to get all the city’s electricity from renewable sources. Georgetown’s location in oil-and-gas-centric Texas and Ross’s politics add to the strangeness of the tale. The mayor is a staunch Republican at a time when a Republican president – and his Environmental Protection Agency administrator – reject the scientific consensus on climate change and are trying to revive the declining coal industry. Ross has appeared in a National Geographic documentary, a forthcoming film about clean energy for HBO directed by James Redford (son of Robert) and in this year’s follow-up to An Inconvenient Truth, which saw the advocate and former vice-president Al Gore visit Georgetown. The day after we met at city hall,...

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Wind at forefront of Energy Transition

Wind at forefront of Energy Transition By: CanWEA staff writer Canada needs to start laying the groundwork now if it is to take advantage of its vast, low-cost renewable energy reserves to make the necessary shift to a decarbonized electricity grid, delegates attending CanWEA 2017’s opening plenary session heard. “With abundant resources and improving economics, one could think that the transition to a 100 per cent climate-friendly grid is inevitable. All we have to do is sit back and watch it happen,” Robert Hornung said. “In reality, however, the Energy Transition will not only be determined by resources and...

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Hite – Time to ease wind turbine rules

By DENISE GRANTSTAFF WRITER ADA — There’s a $4.2 billion economic argument to be made for encouraging wind energy in Ohio, and state Sen. Cliff Hite plans to use it to convince Republicans in the Legislature to ease the rules on wind turbine location. That’s the amount of potential investment in Ohio if the state’s wind turbine setback rules “were reasonable,” Hite, R-Findlay, said Thursday. He said current law, either “intentionally or unintentionally,” slowed the expansion of wind farms in the state. In 2014, Hite said, the Ohio General Assembly nearly tripled the required distance between wind turbines and...

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